Degreasing of professional kitchen hoods in French-speaking Switzerland

Dusting and degreasing of air extraction systems in restaurants and professional kitchens in Geneva, Vaud, Valais, Fribourg, Neuchâtel and Jura.

Regular cleaning and degreasing of professional kitchen hoods and hot air extraction systems is essential to ensure optimal operation and prolong their life. At Swiss Aeration, we specialize in the professional cleaning and degreasing of ventilation systems, including hoods, ducts, motors and fans, for restaurants, cafes, canteens and other food service establishments.

Dusting and degreasing of restaurant hoods in French-speaking Switzerland

Firstly, our qualified technicians are trained and experienced in dealing with all specific aspects of your ventilation system, ensuring thorough cleaning and quality maintenance. By using our services, you can be sure that your kitchen will function at its best and that your working environment will be safer and more hygienic. Our company is based in Switzerland, in the heart of the canton of Geneva. Why choose Swiss Aeration for your professional kitchen cleaning?

  • Expertise in the field of ventilation systems in restaurants
  • Qualified and experienced technicians
  • Deep cleaning, disinfection and degreasing
  • Maintaining air quality and safety in your kitchen
  • Personalized service adapted to your specific needs
Degreasing of the hoods and extraction systems allows a perfect hygiene and an optimal functioning of the professional kitchens.

Clean extraction systems for satisfied employees and customers

So give your kitchen a professional cleaning and your employees, customers and direct neighbours the care and hygiene they deserve. Contact us today to schedule a complete cleaning of your ventilation system and find out how Swiss Aeration can help you keep your facilities running smoothly and long-lasting. We offer a complete solution to ensure your kitchen is hygienic and compliant with current standards. Here are the advantages of our services.

Ensure regulatory compliance and prevent fire hazards

Our team of cleaning technicians begins each intervention with a precise diagnosis of the state of cleanliness of the air ducts. The aim is to ensure that they comply with the hygiene standards in force in Switzerland.

According to Swiss hygiene and safety legislation, catering establishments are required to comply with strict standards to ensure the healthiness of their premises and prevent health risks. In particular, the regulations require regular maintenance of extraction systems to prevent the accumulation of grease and the growth of bacteria.

During cooking, some of the vaporised grease is discharged through the hood and gradually builds up in your extraction system. These grease deposits can ignite and spread rapidly, causing significant damage.

Extend the life of your equipment and save money

Grease in the ductwork and motor of your air extraction system reduces its efficiency and can therefore lead to higher electricity consumption. Regular degreasing of cooker hoods avoids the need to replace the entire installation (ductwork, motor, hood) which would be much more expensive. Regular and thorough maintenance and degreasing of your extraction system will preserve the condition of your equipment and increase its life span. Well maintained equipment means optimum performance and low maintenance costs.

Minimize the risk of bacterial contamination

The heat and humidity within the hood and hot air extraction ducts promote the growth of bacteria. These can therefore fall back on the dishes during cooking and preparation under the extractions. And thus cause health risks. Other nuisances include unpleasant odors caused by cooking and bacteria.

Reduce and control odor nuisance

Indeed, the accumulation of grease in your extraction system can generate unpleasant odors that can bother your employees, your customers and also your direct neighborhood.

Enhance your restaurant’s brand image

Finally, a clean and well-maintained kitchen is a reflection of an establishment concerned with hygiene and the quality of its services. By calling on our professional duct cleaning services, you show your customers, suppliers and partners that you attach the utmost importance to the healthiness of your kitchen, thus strengthening your reputation in French-speaking Switzerland.

Examples of degreasing of fume extraction systems in pictures

The cleaning protocol is very precise: Inventory with photos of the situation before degreasing, safety of equipment (motors, ovens and all electrical appliances). Then protective covers are installed to protect the equipment from liquids and finally a detailed report of the degreased and cleaned conduits.

Systematic protection of cooking equipment

The systematic protection of cooking equipment in restaurants during degreasing is essential to ensure a safe and hygienic working environment. Professional kitchens generate a large amount of grease, oil and residues that can accumulate on equipment and surfaces. Implementing precise cleaning and maintenance protocols can extend the life of equipment, prevent breakdowns and ensure compliance with current safety and hygiene standards.

Protection of cooking equipment before professional kitchen cleaning

Meticulous cleaning of hoods and exhaust systems

Our meticulous cleaning service for hoods and extraction systems in restaurants ensures a clean and safe kitchen. Hoods and extraction systems play a key role in removing fumes, odours, heat and grease particles generated during cooking. Over time, grease and residues build up in the ducts and filters, reducing the efficiency of the extraction system and increasing the risk of fire.

Regular and thorough cleaning of hoods and extraction systems can remove this build-up. This will improve the air quality in the kitchen, prevent health problems related to indoor air pollution and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Call our professional kitchen hood degreasing services for your restaurant and benefit from an expertise recognized on the market and especially in French-speaking Switzerland. We are available to ensure the cleanliness, safety and performance of your facility.

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