Cleaning of ventilation systems and ducts in French-speaking Switzerland

Technicians specialised in air hygiene, indoor air quality, cleaning, dusting and degreasing of ducts, shafts and ventilation systems in French-speaking Switzerland. Interventions on heating, ventilation and air conditioning networks and systems in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Jura, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Valais.

About Swiss Aeration

We have a strong 14-year experience in the field of aerolic hygiene and ventilation system cleaning in French-speaking Switzerland. Swiss Aeration uses its expertise to serve its clients in order to carry out, manage, and develop all ventilation cleaning projects. By choosing Swiss Aeration, you benefit from qualified personnel who will go the extra mile to meet your most specific requests.

Our services and achievements in pictures

Close to the field for a total proximity with its customers, Swiss Aération is first a group of people who work as close to Our Air Cleaning Services in Switzerlandreality as possible, true experts in the cleaning of ventilation systems.

Cleaning of ducts and ventilation systems

We are a Swiss partner based in Geneva, therefore local and reactive. Specialists in the field of ventilation systems maintenance in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. We help you to improve the quality of your air.

Degreasing of kitchen hoods and extractions

Keeping professional kitchens running smoothly with our thorough cleaning and degreasing of kitchen facilities. Our qualified technicians take care of your essential work tool.

Installation of inspection hatches on ventilation systems

Our team installs access hatches to facilitate access to ventilation ducts and the maintenance of air networks. Ensure simplified maintenance with our tailor-made solutions.

Indoor air and surface disinfection

Air disinfection is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment in commercial premises and homes. Our technicians are trained in Swiss standards for effective decontamination.

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Why choose Swiss Aération ?

We are available and reactive to answer your needs of cleaning of the ventilation systems in French-speaking Switzerland.

Several years of experience
in air hygiene
State-of-the-art cleaning equipment
Qualified and trained technicians

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